Colorful book covers

Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters from CalArts 1980–2019

400 pages
7.25 in x 10 in
Designed by Michael Worthington

The book features over 500 CalArts posters from the past 40 years.

70 unique covers designed by students, alumni, and faculty.

Essays by Colin Frazer, Sarah Gottesdiener, Ian Lynam, Jennifer McKnight, and Louise Sandhaus.

Interviews with Mark Allen and Gail Swanlund; Kary Arimoto-Mercer and Shelley Stepp; Ed Fella, Jeffery Keedy, Lorraine Wild, and Michael Worthington; Yasmin Khan Gibson, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, and Jon Sueda; Daniela Marx and Tuan Phan; Joe Prichard, Stuart Smith, Gail Swanlund, Scott Taylor, and Michael Worthington.

The longer one stares, the more one sees. —Sarah Gottesdiener

The things that are learned, that you carry with you after school is over, are like a virus that mutates as you do other work. It doesn’t stay the same. —Lorraine Wild

These are not obedient works, they break rules, they misbehave, and sometimes they are an unruly mess. —Michael Worthington

Work that breaks every convention due to a highly personal exploration of methodologies and processes. —Ian Lynam

The posters were meant to be more of an experimental practice, a hybrid of a real project with academic exploration. —Ed Fella

The visual language was foreign to me, unlike anything I had ever seen. I both loved and hated it. —Jennifer McKnight

Illustrations of mouths